Staying focused and motivated to accomplish a fitness goal is extremely difficult. This is true for even the most advanced and knowledgeable athletes and professionals in the health and fitness industry.  Don’t let what you see on social media fool you.  Everyone struggles and no one is perfect. 

The difference between those who accomplish goals and those who do not is simply perseverance and resilience.  In other words, those who accomplish their goals keep their eye on the target and recognize that there will be bumps in the road.  They do not become overly discouraged when things don’t go as planned or they have a bad day.  They adapt and overcome.  There is no such thing as accomplishing a goal without some type of challenge, right? 

In contrast, those who fail often become extremely discouraged when things don’t go their way, or they make a decision that is contrary to the goal they’ve set. They blame failure on their external environment instead of demonstrating individual responsibility and ownership.  Often, the goal is set aside “for a better time,” or perhaps, eliminated entirely.  Fitness goals fall victim to this mentality often as they are often viewed individually as extracurricular and not priority when, in fact, health and fitness should be an important part of daily life for everyone.  After all, we have one body with a very short time to live.

How Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Can Help You

Success and failure are not so black and white.  Many of us fall in the middle somewhere.  We want to be successful and really try but become distracted with life and have the propensity to yo-yo in and out of a goal we’ve set for ourselves.  As far as fitness and nutrition is concerned, this is where a coach can make a major difference and keep your focused and accountable to yourself.  

Hiring someone to help guide you on your fitness journey does indicate to others you do not know what you are doing or cannot complete a goal you set for yourself without help.  Hiring a coach demonstrates that you are truly committed to your goal and will achieve it quickly, safely, and sustain it going forward. After all, your health is an investment not an expense.

Reignite Fitness Coaching

Our core business at Reignite Fitness is online/virtual fitness and nutrition coaching. We coach individuals of all ages and fitness levels and limit the number of clients we work with at any given time. We set limits because we believe that Reignite Fitness clients require specialized attention and deserve dedicated, personalized time from our coaches in order to be successful.  In other words, we do not use a cookie cutter approach with our coaching services and the fitness and nutrition programming we develop individually for each client.

Our coaches tailor plans for clients individually based on body type, age, and overall goals. We also consider personal and professional environments of each client, resources readily available to them in or near their homes, and the type of programming they may already enjoy. We offer three baseline coaching packages:

  • RF Lifestyle – Our most basic program and tailored for individuals who wants to live a more active, healthy, and fitness-oriented life. You will work directly with a Reignite Fitness Coach to establish specific fitness and nutrition goals that can be achieved over the course of 6-12 weeks.
  • RF Fitness and Body Composition Optimization – A mid-level program tailored for clients who want to improve their overall fitness with a specific focus on body composition and visual improvement. Clients involved in this program may have a desire to build muscle, lose fat, or both to achieve a desired aesthetic and athletic look.
  • RF Contest Preparation – Designed for clients who compete or wish to compete in competitions such as bodybuilding, physique (men’s physique, classic physique, women’s physique), figure, fitness, bikini, and other categories. The program is completely comprehensive and designed to follow clients from the first day of preparation to the stage.

At a minimum, our clients receive the following services with each baseline package:

  • No-cost individual assessment
  • Individualized nutrition and diet plan
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Nutritional supplement guidance
  • 24/7 coaching with recurring weekly check-ins

The cost for each package varies and is based on program duration and level of customization. Most of our clients select eight-week programs and spend less than $300.  To put this into context, a personal trainer, on average, charges $60 per hour. At this price, you’d complete only five sessions with a personal trainer for the same price we charge for eight weeks of coaching. Moreover, with a personal trainer you are not getting holistic services programmed around you and your specific goals. They are more concerned about assisting you with your exercise routine at the gym and do not address other important aspects of your overall fitness – the most important being diet and nutrition.

How You Can Get Started with Us

If you feel that our coaching services are right for you, or you want to learn more, please complete the form on our coaching page here:  By completing the form, you are simply telling us that you have some level of interest in our services and desire a no-cost consultation with one of our coaches. Our coaches will generally reach out to set-up a time to talk approximately 24-48 hours after the form is submitted.

Should you desire to become part of the Reignite Fitness family, we will work with you as a member of your team to help you realize your nutrition and fitness goals while ultimately improving your overall health. Our clients, like the one below, experience real results that can be sustained over the long term, and you can too!

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